Tsoukias Michalis

On March 24, 2020, he left us struck by the deadly virus Covid 19.

He pioneered the creation of the current federal education system, was named (one of 15) Mountaineering and Climbing Instructor, was in charge of the First Federal Instructor School and remained in this position for the next four 4 years.

He pioneered the proclamation of the first Mountain Guides (1993) by the Mountaineering and Climbing Federation and the creation of the SEOB, of which he was the first president.

Leader of 3 Greek mountaineering expeditions in the Himalayas, in 1985 on Mount Annapurna (the first Greek expedition to the Himalayas), in 1987 on Ama Dablam mountain (the first successful Greek expedition to the Himalayas and the most technically difficult mountain in the Himalayas by Greeks to date ) and in 1989 in the Lobuche and Island Peak mountains, educational mission for the Hellenic Mountaineering and Climbing Federation.

Member of the first successful mountaineering expedition in the Andes, on Alpamayo Mountain, in 1987.

Leader of the first International Training Mountaineering Mission for young climbers in the Indian Himalayas, on Kamet Mountain, in 1990. The mission had 47 members from all over the world and was a complete success.

Leader of the first and with absolute success of the Greek expedition to Antarctica, in 2000, with the ascent of the highest peak (Vinson – 5140m).

Ascents in the Kinabalou Mountains – 4001m, in Borneo and Kilimanjaro – 5,895m, in Tanzania.

He is one of the first Greek climbers to deal with ice and mixed routes and has made many important climbs (often winter) in the Alps, the Dolomites and Scotland (Ben Nevis).

He worked for 2 years in the Italian Mountaineering Rescue Organization (Socorso Alpino) in Mt Blanc (1978 – 1980).

He participated as a leader in many rescues in Greece.

For 4 years he was president of EOS (Hellenic Mountaineering Association) of Athens and vice president of the Federation of Mountaineering and Climbing with responsibility for training and mountain rescue and representative of the Federation in the International Mountaineering Association (UIAA), in the Mountaineering Committee.

He also served for 4 years as president of the professional association of Greek Mountain Guides.

In 1996 he introduced to Greece the new sport of canyoning, opening most of the currently known routes.

In 1986 he started the first outdoor activity company in Greece (Trekking Hellas) and since then he has been professionally involved in many of the outdoor activities.

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