Ananiadis Christos

The passion and love for nature but also the belief that life should be an adventure, are the main factors that led Christos to the decision to dedicate thirty-five years of presence in the mountains.

In 1983 he started his career in climbing and very soon, in 1985, he became a training executive of E.O.O.A. For the following years he had a significant presence in the mountains but also in mountaineering and climbing schools, combining his personal goals with the educational activity.

He became an active member of OALTH, with participation in the Board of Directors, enjoying ascents in almost all Greek mountains in winter and summer.

In 1993 through the educational procedures of E.O.O.A. became a National Climbing Instructor and Mountain Guide.

He loved Meteora very much where he climbed hundreds of routes with Greek clients in schools, but also foreigners. He climbed a lot in Zilnia and repeated the routes Botini-Gounaridi, Moment of Truth and Third Dose with students of mountaineering school, among others. He opened the route Meniskos in Astraka with T. Boudolas and climbed in many climbing fields of Northern Greece within schools but also for his personal enjoyment.

Among his actions stand out the climb to Mont Blanc (4,807m), and the climb to the top of Elbrus (5,642m) in the Caucasus, as well as the winter peak of Profitis Ilias on Olympus from a new route of 1,500m. (1/2017), while last year he made the classic route to the edge (1/2016). He climbed several times on the edge of Xerolakki with clients and in Stefani, with the routes Mati, Achladi, and Agnoston standing out, with students of a mountaineering school.

He studied Electrical Technology and worked for years as a manager of imports and sales in the field of high-tech medical equipment. In 2011, making a big and difficult turn in his life, he decided to dedicate himself to his big dream which is to offer beautiful experiences and
in the Greek mountains through the establishment of the Mountain Guide outdoor activities and services company. Mountain Spirit. He was quickly appreciated and loved for the services he offered with professionalism, knowledge, sensitivity and love, receiving dozens of excellent comments from people around the world who accompanied hiking and technical, all seasons, in the Greek mountains.

Apart from being a climber and trainer, Christos was also a very good family man with love and care for his wife and his two children.

On Monday, December 11, 2017, the one-day trip to the mountain he loved to visit, Olympus, was to be his last, leaving there his dreams for new experiences and explorations that he was passionately preparing, because he always believed that “the most beautiful things in life it is what you do and not what you have “.

Christos Ananiadis is missing from his beloved family, from our company of Greek Mountain Guides, from his numerous clients all over the world, the mountaineering community of Northern Greece. His untimely death fell like a thunderbolt on the whole mountaineering world of the country. Christos, you stayed forever on your favorite mountain, but we all miss you. We will never forget your source and your sincere smile and your whole character. We, your friends, will never forget you.

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