Mountain Guides Training

What is the object of a Mountain Guide and how is achieved?

The Mountain Guide perfectly knows the techniques and methods of guiding on rock, mixed terrain, snow and ice and at the same time he is efficient e for quick movement on the mountainous environment, on a snowy terrain and a glacier.

He is able to guide individuals on skis in mountaineering and skiing routes, traverses and descends with safety in any kind of snow quality.

He knows very well to methodically and safely instruct all the above in courses of instructies or individuals.

He has a high level of knowledge of team and individual rescue.

The Mountain Guide finally knows very well the current techniques of navigation, mountain weather and communications, as well as the principles of teaching and group psychology.

There is frequent and systematic training on all these subjects. Instructing is taking place at least two periods on all major subjects by courses of the Hellenic Federation of Mountaineering and Climbing and seminars of the Hellenic Mountain Guide Association, in order to exist adequate time for thought, consolidation and improvement of the new techniques achieved. 

The following scheme presents the succession of the necessary Courses offered by the Hellenic Federation of Mountaineering and Climbing that one must successfully take place in order to achieve the title of the Mountain Guide in Greece. The time required for the achievement of the Mountain Guide title surpasses the time of ten years of constant engagement and a hundred days of training and tests at the subjects of Mountaineering, Rock Climbing Ski mountaineering.

School Chart

The “+” symbol in combination with the displayed arrows indicate the two different schools that are required in order for the candidate to participate in a top level school.

Upon completion of the training, EOOA, according to Greek legislation (Law 864/1937) awards the successful Mountain Guide Diploma, certifying the above training.

Why HMGA Mountain Guide?

HMGA is an organized, professional association with recognized prestige and most customers who seek the services of a Mountain Guide trust the HMGA Guides of the Mountain Guides.

The mark of the Mountain Guide HMGA is an identity with which the people who carry it are recognized among themselves and by the others. The appreciation and help they receive is special. Providing information is convenient and important.

The mark of the Mountain Guide HMGA is a title of honor and responsibility. Anyone who sees this signal, recognizes a very capable person who is willing to help when there is a serious need. The prestige of the brand is not limited to the narrow borders of our country, but it has its own prominent position and potential all over the world.

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