Zekis Vagelis

Telephone: +30 6976647253
E-mail: vagg7anar@gmail.com


Area: Attica
Telephone: +30 6976647253
E-mail: vagg7anar@gmail.com
Date of birth: 13/10/1980

Mountaineering education

POA Beginners Mountaineering School, POA Beginners Climbing School, HFMC Intermediate
Mountaineering School, HFMC Intermediate Climbing School, EOS Athens Mountaineering Ski School,
HFMC Mountaineering Assistant Instructors School, HFMC Mountaineering Instructors School & HMGA
Diploma of Mountaineering Guide.
Since 2015 he organizes Beginners and Intermediate Level Mountaineering Schools as well as Beginners
and Intermediate Level Rock Climbing Schools. He has also participated in HFMC Assistant Instructors
Schools and he trained with First Aid Seminars.

Clubs / Associations

Since 2001 he is one of the most active members of POA in climbing & mountaineering sector while for
several years his personal activity as climber was also the main climbing activity of POA Club. Since 2017
he is an active member in HMGA.
Mountaineering Expeditions
In 2005 he participated in Alpine Centre of HFMC in Alps. In 2007 he participated in mountaineering
mission at Indian Caucasus mountain range, in Pakistan.

Ascents / Climbing

He has climbed at all of the most important mountains of Greece (Varasova, Meteora, Zilnia, Kouvelo,
Parnasso, Giona, Vardousia, Olympus, Astraka, Gamila, Tsouka Rossa) whilst he preserves a good level at
sport climbing at climbing routes up to 8b. His activity abroad has been mainly in Alps by climbing at
important summits like Grandes Jorasses, Grand Capucin, Adolph Rey, Mont Blanc du Tacul, Point La
Chenal, Aigulle du Midi, Tour Ronte, Enverse, Aigulle du Aim, Aigulle de Blatier. He also climbed in
Dolomites & Paklenica in Croatia and he has visited several times Cogne in Italy for ice-climbing.

Social Contribution

He participated at 3 climbers rescuing incidents.

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