Sotirakis Dimitris

Telephone: +30 6974582258


Address: 23 Kapodistriou str. Kifissia 145 62
Telephone. +30 6974 582258
Date of birth: 4/8/1960
Place of birth: Athens
Nationality: Greek
Speaking languages: Greek, English

University Titles – Degrees

1985 Deree College (American college in Athens) Degree in history

1986 Becoming Climbing and Mountaineering instructor of the Hellenic Alpine Association and the FFME (Federation France de la Montagne et Escalade).

1991 University of St. Andrews: Master of Literature in Maritime archaeology at Scottish Institute of Maritime Studies.

1994 Becoming a Mountain Guide of the Hellenic Mountain Guide Association.

1995 Degree in History and Archaeology at the University of Athens

2012 Became a High Rope Access technician of the International IRATA organization.

Working Experience

1986 Coordination of a European program for hiking of school children of Arcadia prefecture secondary schools.

1986- Continuously instructing climbing and mountaineering up to the level of “instructors” of the Greek Alpine Association. 

1990-91 Teaching history and archaeology as a university assistant on underwater students of the St. Andrews university.

1990-93 Work at the Hellenic department of underwater archaeology with numerous research projects on excavations on wrecks and underwater installations.

1992 Teaching in seminars the course of “mountain leaders” of students of Sports Universities under the auspices of the Hellenic Alpine Association and the Ministry of Culture.

1998 Starting up a mountaineering and climbing instructing company called “Vertical”.

1998-9 Teaching on various institutes of Greece the course of “mountain leaders”. 

2009- Assessor and Award Leader at the program “DUKE OF EDINBURGH INTERNATIONAL AWARD at St. Lawrence College. 

2015- Instructor of High Rope Technicians of the National telecommunication company of Greece (Cosmote) 

2016-2019 Basic Instructor of Stemnitsa Professional Education Institute (prefecture of Arcadia, Peloponnese) leading at the professional title of “mountain leaders”.

2019– Basic Instructor of ENOSI Professional Education Institute, leading at the professional title of “mountain leaders”.

2020- Basic Instructor of the Professional Education Institute, DIEK of the municipality of Argolis (Peloponnese), leading at the professional title of “mountain leaders”.

2020 Basic Guide on a “mountaineering beginners course” of the “Athenian Mountain Club”

May-July 2000 Basic Guide on a climbing beginners course of the Corinth Mountain Club.

2017- Guiding in collaboration with various foreign guiding companies. 

Member of councils

1984-86 Elected as a member of the council of the Athens Alpine Club.

1990-92 Elected as a member of the Council of the Hellenic Alpine Association.

2000-3 Elected Secretary General of the Hellenic Mountain Guide Association.

2015- Elected Vice President of the Hellenic Mountain Guide Association.

Mountaineering – climbing experience

1977- Climbing and mountaineering. Partaking and coordinating numerous expeditions on the Himalayas (Island Peak, Lobutse, Annapourna South), the Andes (Alpamayo –first Greek ascend with a client), the Alps, Ben Nevis, ice climbing on frozen waterfalls of New Hampshire (USA), Dolomites, Matterhorn, Mont Blanc, desert climbing on Wadi Ram (with clients), Mt. Kenya among others. In Greece I have set up a number of new climbing roots both on cliffs, mixed routes and on ice.1990-99 Taking part on rescues on a number of mountain accidents as well as on plane crashes.

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