Papagiannopoulos Andreas

Phone: +30 6932219482


Phone: +30 6932219482
Date of Birth: 02/04/1981
Area: Athens

Climbing Education / Τraining

Rock Climbing Qualification, AHM* Athens 2004. Mountaineering Qualification, AHM Athens 2004. Advanced Rock Climbing Qualification, AHM Athens 2005. Advanced Mountaineering Qualification AHM Athens 2006. Climbing Instructor Assistant Quaification HFMC 2010. AHM Athens Ski Touring Qualification 2014. Climbing Instructor Qualification HFMC 2015 HFMC* Mountain Guide Qualification H.F.M.C – Η.Μ.G.A* 2018
*Association Hellenic Mountaineers (AHM) / Hellenic Federation Mountaineering Climbing (HFMC) / Hellenic Mountain Guide Association (HMGA)

Delivering Courses

Since 2010, Andreas has been delivering rock climbing and mountaineering courses, both through AHM Athens and through other alpine clubs. He is a Board member of the Management team of the Association Hellenic Mountaineers Athens and has been for a number of years.

Practical Experience

Andreas has climbed rock, ice and mixed routes in most of Greece’s mountains. His passion for climbing and traveling have led him to most Alpine European countries such as Italy, France, Switzerland, and Austria as well as Spain, Germany, Slovenia, Croatia and Bulgaria. He has also visited Scandinavian countries Norway and Sweden and has traveled and climbed around the UK in England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales. He has also climbed many routes in Wadi Rum in Jordan and many routes in Squamish, Yamnuska and Bugaboos in Canada. In the States he took a lot of time to repeat Yosemite Valley routes and big walls. He has also done many climbs on Devil’s Tower in Wyoming and in the Desert Towers in Utah.

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