Kouniakis Christopher

Telephone: +30 2410612623
E-mail: kouniakis@sch.gr


Area: Larisa
Telephone: +30 2410612623
E-mail: kouniakis@sch.gr
Date of birth: 4/12/1960

Mountaineering education

He successfully attended the 1st annual mountaineering school of EOS Athens.
He successfully attended the School of Instructors of the Hellenic Federation of Mountaineering& Climbing (HFMC).


He has taught and organized for a number of years Beginner and Intermediate level schools in Athens, Larissa and Elassona, which are supervised by HFMC.
He was an examiner at the IEK of Mountain Escorts in Ioannina and helped to create and design climbing fields, in the wider area of Athens.

Clubs / Associations

He was General Secretary and Treasurer of the EOS (Hellenic Mountaineering Association) of Athens in 1994-1996 and was a member of the Board of Directors of the Hellenic Federation of Mountaineering & Climbing in 1997-99, with the position of Deputy Head of Mountaineering.

Mountaineering Expeditions

In the spring of ’93 he trekking through the KHUMBU HIMAL area of Nepal, to the EVEREST base camp. During the crossing, he climbed various trekking peaks, such as the CHUKHUNG REE (5,857 m).
In the summer of ’95, he was a member of the National Federal expeditionto PAMIR. During the expedition, he climbed to the top of KORZENESKAYA (7.105 m).
In the summer of 1996, he successfully organized and led the expeditionof EOS Athens at the MUZTAG ATA (7,546 m.) In China.
In the summer of ’97, he successfully organized and led the expeditionof EOS. Athens at HUASCARAN (6,768 m.) In the Peruvian Andes and attempted, for the first time from the Greek side, the ascent to the technically difficult peak SANTA CRUZ (6,108 m.).
In July 2011, he was a member of a Greek expedition to the Indian Himalayas, organized by Nikos Kroupis. During the mission, he climbed to the top of PAGODA (5,950 m).

Ascents / Climbing

It has in its assets many repetitions of climbing routes of high difficulty, among which stands out the first winter repetition of the route Michailidis in GIONA (up to the molding). He has opened several new routes of high difficulty in various climbing fields of Greece, with the most remarkable of them being: “TON ESTHISEON” in Sykia of GIONA (which he had begun to open alone), “THE ODYSSEY” on the right slope of GAMILΑ (in which a portaledge was used for its opening), and “NEROSYRMI” on the steep slope of Zemenos, which is considered as a model climbing route, for its high difficulty with minimal permanent protection.

Has done several climbs in the French Alps (MONT BLANC), the Swiss Alps (MATTERHORN) and Scotland (BEN NEVIS)

In 1993, he was awarded by the Hellenic Mountaineering Federation for climbing the NOSE route, one of the most remarkable climbing routes in the world, in the YOSEMITE National Park in California, United States.
In 2001 he went to WADI RUM in Jordan, where he climbed several routes in the area.
In 2002 he went to Krakow, Poland, where he made various ascents and climbs in the TATRA mountains.
In the summer of 2007, he returned to the United States, this time to climb the famous DEVIL’S TOWER. There, he climbed various climbing routes, with the most remarkable being EL MATADOR.
In July 2013, he climbed the big climbing walls (big wall climbing) CAPACETE and PICO MAIOR of Brazil. He also climbed the K2 route under the Statue of Christ, the trademark of Brazil.
In July-August 2015, he went to the northwestern tip of Canada, where he attempted to climb the famous LOTUS FLOWER TOWER route, which he abandoned due to bad weather, having climbed 2/3 of the route.
In August 2018, he was in Madagascar to climb the granite walls of TSARANORO, which is considered the YOSEMITY of Africa.

Social contribution

He has organized of transporting children from primary schools of Athens to the paths of the mountain PARNITHA (which is National Park), informing them about flora and fauna of the National Park

Designed, developed and implemented statistical software for the investigation (for the first time in Greece) of accidents that occur in mountain sports and activities.

Participated in the search and retrieval of a dead Italian skier, which he died during extreme ski, in mountain DIRFI

In February ‘97, he participated in the search and retrieval of a dead climber, which died when he fell during climbing in mountain ERYMANTHOS.

He has been involved in marathon distances for many years and for 2 years he helped organize the mountaineering marathon “FAETHON” on Olympus.

Writing activity

He has a writing activity which includes various technical articles such as Meteorology, Avalanches, Orientation, Basic Principles of GPS and was a speaker at the conference organized by EOS Athens in 2004, on “Participation of materials in the development of mountaineering”.

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