Konstantakopoulos Stamatis

Telephone: +30 6974329100
E-mail: stamkon75@gmail.com


Area: Attica
Telephone: +30 6974329100
E-mail:  stamkon75@gmail.com
Date of birth: 03/02/1975
Area: Athens


He  is considered to be among the most active all around Greek climbers during the last years. His climbing CV includes ascents in Pakistan (Buni Zom group) and also in Alpes (Eiger Northface / Heckmair route, Grandes Jorasses Northface / Colton-McIntyre) and Dolomites. 

He has also achieved most of the Greek Alpine mixed and rock climbs as well as a lot of first ascents, some of them claim to  be masterpieces of modern Greek  rock and alpine mixed climbing. 

He is head-instructor in the Athenian Mountaineering Club (ΑΟS) and participates in AOS board since 1998.

Mountaineering education

He started his mountaineering activity as a member of AOS in 1996.  In 2005 he graduated from the School of Assistant Mountaineering Instructors. In 2015 he graduated from the School of Mountaineering Instructors and in 2017 he was named Guide to Greek Mountains by the Hellenic Mountaineering-Climbing Federation. 

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