Boskos Apostolos

Telephone: +30 6937293486


Area: Kavala
Telephone: +30 6937293486
Telephone: +30 2510250644
Date of birth: 18/08/1967

Mountaineering education

EOS Kavala School of Mountaineering for Beginners, EOS School of Mountaineering for Medium Level EOS Kavala, School of Mountaineering Skiing for Beginners EOOA, School of Mountaineering for Medium Level EOOA, School of Assistant Mountaineering Trainers EOOA, School of Mountaineering Trainers


He started his mountaineering activity as a member of EOS Kavala in 1992. Then, with the creation of the Kavala Ski Mountaineering Club, he became a member and participated in various BoDs. of. In 2005 he graduated from the School of Assistant Mountaineering Instructors. In 2008 he graduated from the School of Mountaineering Instructors and in 2010 he was named Guide to Greek Mountains by the Hellenic Mountaineering-Climbing Federation. In 2011 he attended the Mountain Drivers Seminar of SEOB and became a member.


Since 2008 it organizes Schools for Beginners and Intermediate Levels of Mountaineering and Climbing and Mountaineering Ski Schools.

Ascents / Climbing

He has made many ascents and climbs in the Alps, Dolomites, Bulgaria, has climbed and opened rock climbing routes and winter climbs on Mount Olympus Tsouka Rossa, Vardousia, Paggaio and Falakro

Social contribution

Since 2009 he is the inspirer and organizer of the Climbing Meeting that takes place every year in Falakro with the aim of attracting new Climbers and introducing them to Climbing long mountain routes. It also maintains the routes in the sports fields of Iraklitsa in Kavala.

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