Belogiannis Christos

Telephone: +30 6976690816


Area: Athens
Address: 25is Martiou 32, 13671, Acharnes, Attica, Greece
Telephone: +30 6976690816
Date of birth:12/4/1963

Mountaineering education

Mountaineering Instructor Course of HFMC, Mountain Guide Courses of HMGA/IFMGA.

Christos Belogiannis became a Mountain Leader of HFMC (EOOA) at 1998 and the same year a National Mountain Guide, member of HMGA. In 2005 he finally became an IFMGA Mountain Guide and nowadays he is also a member of the CONAGAI (Italia-Emilia Romagna).

He is a professor of Physical Education and holds a master’s degree in Sports recreation and Outdoor activities while nowadays he is working his PhD in “risk propensity”. Prior to his mountaineering engagement he was a champion and member of the Greek National Wrestling Team for ten years. He has published three technical books along with G. Voutiropoulos (Mountain Guide).

He climbed to all the major cliffs in Greece, with an emphasis on winter climbing, where he first repeated or opened many of the most significant routes in Greece. He has climbed extensively in the Alps, the Dolomites, in Norway, in the Himalayas and in Jordan.

He served for two years as a technical director of competition climbing for HFMC and was partner for five years of “Evathlos™” organizing climbing competitions culminating with the organization of the bouldering World Cup at Konitsa-Epirus-Greece. He has extensive experience in beginners and intermediate level courses as well as in instructor’s and mountain guide’s courses.

He is leading people in the mountains of the Alps and the Dolomites for alpine and ice climbing and mountaineering ski. In Greece he is working with individuals and groups in rock climbing (courses and leading), trekking, mountaineering, mountaineering skiing and outdoor management courses.

Recently he developed a holiday’s program named “Sailing & Climbing”, for the purpose of it he opened long routes on island cliffs with sea approach.

He speaks English and Italian.

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