The Association

The Hellenic Mountain Guides Association (HMGA) is a professional association representing the Greek Mountain guides, offering support, training and regulation services.

Our objectives:
  • Bring all Greek Mountain Guides together;
  • Develop a spirit of cooperation and solidarity among its members, as well as with other mountaineering clubs and organizations in Greece and abroad;
  • Raise the standards of Greek mountaineering and widely promote every aspect of mountaineering, while protecting and caring for the natural environment of the Greek mountains;
  • Coordinate the provision of services by our members to groups, individuals, clubs, federations as well as any other legal or natural person related to HMGA.
  • Is a Pan-Hellenic primary professional organization and therefore can participate as an active member in federations, associations and any other entity in Greece and abroad, with the same or similar goals;
  • Holds events with cultural, educational, training, scientific and entertainment content, in the form of gatherings, performances, conferences, tours, ascents, training schools, seminars etc;
  • Encourages, guides, supports and assists in studies aiming at the proper organization of the mountain environment as well as in the realization of public, municipal or private projects serving or conforming with its goals, without impinging on the mountain landscape;

Participates, with its representatives, in any vocational school pertaining to mountaineering and approach techniques while working at height, which might be held by relevant entities (Hellenic Federation of Mountaineering and Climbing, General Secretariat of Sports e.t.c.).

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HMGA | Association of Hellenic Mountain Guides