Rock Climbing

Rock climbing and more specifically free climbing is the forwarding on the rock using only its natural formation its random footholds and handholds. Of course, we use ropes and special equipment in free climbing, but only for our safety, to limit the consequences of a possible fall.

Rock climbing is a sport that offers intense emotions. Choosing the way and place we practice it can be a pleasant physical exercise to a great adventure. Climbing has complex requirements, it needs coordination of mind with the body. In addition to athletic ability, it requires calm, boldness and imagination.

Rock climbing is one of the most popular forms of mountaineering. In turn it has acquired several offshoots, such as competition climbing, sport climbing, traditional climbing, big wall climbing, artificial wall climbing, solo climbing, free solo climbing and bouldering.

Everything has in common denominator the game with gravity, emptiness, fear. Everyone deals with what they really like and fills them. After all, only absolute specialization opens up new avenues and really pushes the limits of human potential to higher levels.

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