Mountain Skiing

Mountain Skiing (ski touring) is the art of traveling in the mountains in winter on foot. Either climbing peaks, or chasing beautiful descents on open slopes or steep gorges, or making long rides in white mountain ranges or just a quiet pleasant walk in the wonderful snowy landscape. It is definitely the fastest, most enjoyable and efficient means of moving on the winter mountain. An unexciting  slope or a large swamp that in summer someone would simply pass or avoid, in winter for the ski can be the ultimate descent of the day.

In order to get away from the crowds of ski resorts, one needs, in addition to the necessary equipment (skis, mountaineers, skins, arva, avalanche probe, shovel), the ability to ski in different qualities of snow and to accept, recognize and manage the dangers lurking in the winter mountain.

Far from the inspected slopes of the ski resorts, the climber – skier must be able to orient himself correctly, follow a safe route in the ascent and descent and have the necessary knowledge and experience to move in the field of possible avalanches, combining, of course, equipment and training to rescue in the event of an avalanche accident.

The reward for skiing is great. In Greece the possibilities are inexhaustible and some our mountains are almost unexplored by ski touring.  All the mountain ranges of mainland Greece up to the mountains of Crete and Evia can offer great emotions to the ski who will take the trouble to explore them. Every winter with the first flakes falling until late spring, they are there waiting for us.

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