Ice Climbing

In ice climbing, the climber climbs into icy formations (ice waterfalls, glaciers, etc.) using technical axes and crampons to promote it. It is a very special vertical dance in the most impressive kingdom of the mountains, that of ice. It started as a mountaineering technique, which climbers had to develop in order to overcome the difficulties on their way to the top, in order to become an autonomous activity for some years now. The most popular form of ice climbing is climbing icy waterfalls, which are usually located low in the mountain valleys. This ice is called water ice, precisely because it is running water that has been frozen by low temperatures. Higher in the mountains we can find the alpine ice that is created, mainly, by the snow and its various transformations. The techniques of locking in ice climbing are the same as those we use in other forms of climbing, with the only difference that in ice we mainly use the “ice screws” as a safety point.

In Greece we have our own ice climbing paradise, which is none other than Tzoumerka with the dozens of frozen (when conditions allow) waterfalls that hang on the imposing slopes of these proud mountains of Epirus. Also, in Lailias, Serres there is an ice climbing park with several small routes that are formed almost every year, but also in various other places throughout Greece there are some well hidden waterfalls that freeze in the cold winters.

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