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  • Address: 7 Arkadias str., 15234, Halandri, Attica, Greece
  • Telephone: +30 6947616849
  • E-mail:
  • Date of birth: 11/5/1970
  • Mountaineering education: Beginner Mountaineering Course of Acharnes Alpine Club, Intermediate Mountaineering Course of HFMC, Mountaineering Assistant Instructor Course of HFMC, Mountaineering Instructor Course of HFMC, Aspirant Mountain Guides Course of HFMC/HMGA/IFMGA).

Yiannis Petromianos has climbed all over Greek mountains (Varasova, Meteora, Olympus , Astraka, Gkiona, Vardousia), in Alpes (Adolph Rey, Tour Ronte, Aig. du Midi, Aig. Marbre'es, Mont Maudit, Aig. du Triolet, Parete dei Titani, Crete Seche, Dalmazzi, Grand Paradiso), in the Dolomites (Cima Grande of Lavaredo, Campanile Basso, I Gemelli, Punte di Campiglio in Brenta), in Bulgaria (Rila) and he has realised ascents and descents with mountaineering skis in most Greek mountains and in Alpes.

In 2005 he finished the HFMC/HMGA/IFMGA Aspirant Mountain Guide Course and became member of Hellenic Mountain Guides Association (HMGA). Since then, he has been working as an instructor for mountaineering courses, as well as Working At Height training. Since 2008, he has become a technical advisor for the HMGA and since 2009, for the Hellenic Alpine Club of Athens and the Hellenic Federation of Mountaineering and Climbing. Since 2010, he is in charge of the Mountaineering courses of the Alpine Club of Athens and of the Working At Height training of the company Enaeritis - Work At Height.


He speaks English.