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  • Address: 42 G. Papandreou str., 69100, Komotini, Rodopi, Greece
  • Telephone: +30 6944593064
  • E-mail:
  • Date of birth: 23/06/1969
  • Mountaineering education: Beginner Mountaineering Course of Kavala Alpine Club, Beginner Mountaineering Ski Course of HFMC, Intermediate Mountaineering Course of Kavala Alpine Club, Intermediate Mountaineering Ski Course of Kavala Alpine Club, Mountaineering Assistant Instructor Course of HFMC, Mountaineering Instructor Course of HFMC, Mountain Guides Course of HMGA.

Archontis Exakoidis has been engaged in mountaineering and climbing since 1988.
Member of Komotini Alpine Club has been participate early in the management board of the club and continues until today to participate by offering experiences in active climbers of the club.

Has significant climbing and mountaineering action in many climbing areas of Greece (Varasova, Giona, Meteora, Vardousia, Olympu,s Astraka, Bald, Paggaio) and has opened several new climbing routes in the mountains of  Greece. Climbed in the Alps (Italy, France, Switzerland / Matterhorn 4.478m from 3 different routes) and Bulgaria, on rock, ice and mixed routes. He has successfully organized expeditions in Alaska (McKinley 6.129m), Turkey (Ararat, Aladaglar, Erciyes), Iran, Bulgaria and has climbed in Yosemite (USA).

Since 1990 has been dealing with ski mountaineering, performs crosses by skis in the mountains of Greece and abroad and participates as a member or as an athlete at ski mountaineering racing.

In recent years, mainly has been operating in the mountains of northern Greece (Olympus, Bald, Pangaeum, Rhodopes etc.) in Bulgarian mountains (Rila, Pirin) and Turkey, where he organizes trekking.
Involved in all levels of education as head instuctor at mountaineering and climbing schools for clubs of HFMC and in Mountaineering, Climbing and Rescue Schools of EMAK (Hellas Fire Service).